Since I started making games I had one goal in mind. To get this hobby to be my full-time job! And hopefully, I can make this come true thanks to all of you! If You are someone who likes my work and who can afford to financially support my games please consider donating via Patreon or PayPalMe or You can simply purchase one of my games that are in "NAME YOUR OWN PRICE" category (on / GameJolt ). If You can't support my work financially, simply spreading the word about my games would also help a lot. Hopefully making games will one day become a full-time job and I`ll be able to create lots of weird, little dark games for all the fans of those types of games.

Donation pages:

- Patreon tears: 
  • $1 - Big thank you for the support! Each dollar is a step closer to making more quality games. 
  • $5 - Your name will be added in the credits of the game and here on this page.
  • $10 - Tell me what cheat codes would You like to see in the game I am currently working on (big head mode, no head mode, unlimited air supply...) and I will add that cheat code in the game (+ Your name as the creator of that cheat code and highest supporter will be added in the game credits and on this page).

If You are a game developer and if You are using Game Maker Studio 1 or Game Maker Studio 2 You can support my work by visiting some of my GMS Demos and codes on Yoyo game marketplace Hopefully, these assets will be helpful for your projects.

Game Maker Assets / Examples:


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