Sequel to a White Wolf game:

WHITE WOLF COLLECTION (White Wolf 1 & 2 + ton of bonus content)

The game content:

  • 2 playable characters 
  • 20 big stages open for exploration (10 for each character) 
  • 18 weapons (9 for each character) 
  • Many boss fights 
  • Immersive story 
  • Joystick support and map function
  • Over 30 cheat codes


The story revolves around experiment performed on animals with crystallized life energy. Crystals can cause violent evolution, permanent physical pain, and mental instability on every creature that came in contact with the crystal. The player is in the role of Semidori wolf or Semidori owl which are constantly visited by a mysterious creature that calls himself a Dreamwallker.


Radnja: U pitanju je eksperiment nad zivotinjama pomocu kristalizovane zivotne energije koja moze izazvati nasilnu evoluciju u svim zivim bicima. A sama nasilna evolucija moze u zivotinjama izazvati trajnu fizicku bol, kao i mentalnu nestabilnost. Igrac je u ulozi Semidori vuka (ili sove) koje konstantno posecuje misticno bice koje sebe pretstavlja kao Dreamwalker.

Genre: Adventure, Action, Metroidvania
Platforms: Windows
Language: English, Serbian
Release date: 2017.


The game (full and demo version) is available on and GameJolt.

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